Academic Freedom: Challenges and Opportunities
In an increasingly globalized world, how should we protect academic freedom? McGill has no statement or policy on academic freedom. What might be the components of such a statement? What are the benefits and risks of such a statement? Traditionally understood to be the right of individual faculty members to determine the trajectory of their research without interference, academic freedom has been subject to a variety of interpretations.
AFDECE-2010Colloque international AFDECE
L’intégration de la culture en classe de langue : théorie, formation et pratiques. L’Université McGill et l’Université de Montréal sont heureuses d’accueillir le 9e colloque de l’Association française d’éducation comparée et des échanges (AFDECE).
ALUMNIAlumni Special Events
Mcgill Alumni Special Events
Anatomy and Cell Biology: Video Recordings
AnthropologyAnthropology Events
Anthropology Events
AOS-EventsAtmospheric and Oceanic Studies Special Events
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies Special Events
Architecture EventsSpecial Events
Architecture Events
10th World Congress on Art Deco®, May 24-30, 2009 The International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS) is a voluntary coalition of Art Deco Societies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, New Zealand, South Africa and United States. Also involved are other organizations concerned with Art Deco Preservation, and ‘Key Contacts,’ including individuals in cities which do not have active Art Deco preservation organizations.
ARTSSpecial Events
Faculty of Arts Special Events
ARTS-2013: Greek-Euro Crisis
How the Greek-Euro Crisis is Transforming Europe...and Greece
The McGill Faculty of Medicine is pleased to announce a free full-day academic conference, open to the public, focused on the topic of asbestos. Conference attendees will be invited to engage in a baseline discussion about what asbestos is, how it has been used historically and its impact on human health, as well as participate in a dialogue for the future with respect to research policy, ethics and the broader context.
AstrobiologyAstrobiology Events
AstroBiology Guest Lecturers
BIOFUELNET: Annual General Meeting
The 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) marks BFN’s first opportunity to showcase how vibrant the advanced biofuels sector is in Canada. The AGM provides an opportunity for the top biofuels researchers in Canada and key stakeholder communities to meet in person and discuss on issues of central importance to the Canadian biofuels sector. The AGM also enhances coordination of research efforts in Canada, and fosters new ideas for research and collaboration.
BIOPSY-2010BIOPSY Inaugural Scientific Colloquium
The Burnier Ocular Pathology Society has been known for its continuous growth worldwide, representing the great work and research provided by the past, present and future colleagues of the Laboratory from all around the world. In celebration of the upcoming 10th Year Anniversary of the Laboratory, we welcome you to join us in Montreal for our very first Scientific Colloquium. This Colloquium will feature the establishment of several fellowships to support the development of Future Leaders.
Bravo Award Events
Bravo Award Events
BTS-20113rd Brain-to-Society Roadmap Development Workshop
The Third International Roadmap Development Workshop was held in the context of the Brain-to-Society Roadmap, a three-year program, led by the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, that aims to advance the pool of scientific, social, and economic resources dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing problems, including overconsumption, economic disparity, and social inequality. As part of the event, five workshops were held on March 17th, including one which focused on industry innovations toward healthy eating – see below for webcast – as well as a conference on the theme of the brain’s role in food and obesity, which was held on March 18th. The conference was organized in partnership with the UK’s Science and Innovation Network, the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, and the Montreal Neurological Institute and brought together neuroscientists, geneticists, endocrinologists and neuro-economists from the UK and Canada to present most recent scientific developments pertaining to the interplay between brain, hormones, behaviour, genes, and motivation. See below for webcast. On March 19th, a workshop was held to foster scientific collaborations between the UK and Canada
2nd National Obesity SummitBrain-to-Society Workshop
The workshop was held on April 28, as part of the Second National Obesity Summit organized yearly by the Canadian Obesity Network. The aim was to help mainstream such continuous discovery into health and public efforts in order to inspire and monitor the whole-of-society changes needed to stop the spread of obesity and its chronic diseases worldwide in a biologically, socially and economically sustainable way.
Cancer InitiationGoodman Cancer Research Centre
Cancer Initiation
CDAS-ISIDInstitute for the Study of Intl. Development
The Canada School of Public Service and the Institute for the Study of International Development presents Citizen Centered Development: Innovations in Governance and Democratic Development
CEL-EventsCentre for Educational Leadership
Centre for Educational Leadership Recordings
CHRLP-Events Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism
A key objective of the Centre is to deepen transdisciplinary collaboration on the complex social, ethical, political and philosophical dimensions of human rights. The current Centre initiative builds upon the human rights legacy and enormous scholarly engagement found in the Universal Declartion of Human Rights.
Claude Ryan: The Legacy of Claude Ryan
McGill University and the Newman Centre, in partnership with many sponsors, will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the passing of Claude Ryan with a symposium on February 13th and 14th 2014. This event will examine many facets of Ryan's life and legacy. As part of the proceedings, the Federal Idea, in partnership with McGill University and the Newman Centre, have organized a luncheon-conference on February 14th.
CLE-2011Continuing Legal Education at McGill
Continuing Legal Education at McGill
CLE-2012: Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education
CLE-2013: Continuing Legal Education
The 5th edition of the Une pensée d’avance – Think Ahead series will begin in October 2013. This year's theme is Civil Justice Reform : An End to the Crisis?.
Recordings requested by Communications
Continuing Studies: Event Recordings
McGill University Spring Convocation Ceremonies

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Convocation-2010: Spring and Fall Convocation 2010
Spring and Fall Convocation 2010.
Convocation-2011: Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies
McGill University Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies for 2011
Convocation-2012: Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies
Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies 2012
Convocation-2013: Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies
Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies 2013
Convocation-2014: Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies
2014 Spring and Fall Convocation Ceremonies
Cosmo Lab-2013: Technical Day June 2013
CRBLM-2012: Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music
Bilingualism and neurocognitive change over the lifespan
CREORMcGill Centre for Research on Religion
The McGill Centre for Research on Religion sponsored a series of lectures in October/November 2010 on the theme ‘Religion, Globalisation and Dialogue’.
CRIEM-CIRM: Colloque et Lecture
The Centre’s first public activity, Questioning Urban Creativity: Montreal, a Case Study, took place on October 18, 19 and 21 at the McCord Museum
CSR-2010CSR Research Day
CSR-2011CSR Research Day
CSR-2013: Research Day 2013
BREAKTHROUGHS IN REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, Research Day 2013. Centre for the Study of Reproduction (CSR) at McGill & the Human Reproduction and Development axis of the RI-MUHC
CUCCUC Meetings
Founded in 1972 the Computer User’s Committee is an informal grouping of McGill people committed to the improvement of information technology in the University. The CUC organizes discussion forums on new concepts, programs, hardware and systems. This collegial learning environment created by the CUC is a both a physical and virtual place for all interested members of the McGill community to exchange ideas as well as share experiences and solutions.
Cutting Edge 2010Cutting Edge Lectures in Science
Cutting Edge Lectures in Science was initiated in 2003 with the express purpose of fostering communication between scientists in different disciplines as well as between scientists and the public.
Cutting Edge-2013: Cutting Edge Lectures
Cutting Edge Lectures
McGill Homecoming Weekend 2012
Beatty Memorial Lecture and Classes Without Quizzes (CWOQ'S)2012
Dean of Arts- Open Forum
Open Forum on Free Expression and Peaceful Assembly
DTL-2013: Defining the Legal Line
DEFINING THE LEGAL LINE: Youth, Cyber bullying and Wellbeing
EDUCATIONReligious Literacy Symposium - Oct. 2nd, 2009
EnrolmentServicesEnrolment Services Events
Enrolment Services Events
Epidemiology Events
Epidemiology Special Events or Lectures
Epidemiology JGH: Event Recordings
Department of Epidemiology Event Recordings
Family MedicineCore Teaching Sessions
Department of Family Medicine; Clerkship Students' Core Teaching Sessions
First-Year OfficeUniversity Success Workshops Series
Moving to university can seem like a bit of a rocky road. If you're feeling lost in large classes or falling behind in your studies, explore McGill's seminars and workshops for help. You can also visit McGill's Students page for more workshop opportunities.
Food Science 25th Anniversary Symposium
The Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry Department at Macdonald Campus is celebrating its 25 years of existence by inviting some stars from the worlds of cooking and chemistry.
Freaky FridaysPublic Outreach Lecture Series
Science Public Outreach Lecture Series
FRSL-449Debat Finale
GCDHRFF-2013: Democracy, Human Rights, the Fragility of Freedom
The Young Leaders will address key issues around democratic citizenship, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the violent repression of democracy and economic and social rights, as well as the role of transnationalism, globalization and foreign policy in democracy. Young Leaders will have the opportunity to develop practical skills in human rights advocacy, including in the use of social media and community-building to effect change.
GCHRDS-2010Global Conf. on Human Rights & Diverse Societies
The Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism is proud to host The Global Conference on Human Rights and Diverse Societies. This will be the second Echenberg Family Conference on Human Rights. Organized in collaboration with the McGill Faculty of Law, it will bring together diverse scholars, judges, politicians, policy makers, journalists, students and members of civil society in an effort to understand how to establish and evaluate multiculturalism policies that will help diminish sources of cultural conflict and foster increased participation of all members of society at all levels.
GEC3Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre
The Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre (GEC3) is a cross-disciplinary, multi-university research centre bringing together more than 40 researchers from six Quebec universities to study processes, modelling and impact of environmental and climate change. Our member institutions are: McGill University, Condordia University, Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke, Bishop's University, Université Laval and Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique.
McGill special events
GFS-2009Global Food Security Conference
Impacts of Global Financial Turmoil on Food Security
GFS-2010Global Food Security Conference 2010
Food Security, Water Scarcity, and Nutrition
GFS-2011 Global Food Security Conference
Risks and Threats to Food Security
GFS-2012 Global Food Security Conference 2012
Food Prices and Political Instability
GFS-2013: Strategies against Food Insecurity and Hunger
6th MCGILL CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL FOOD SECURITY "Strategies against Food Insecurity and Hunger"
GHC-2008 2nd Annual Conference
Global Health Programs hosted the 2nd annual McGill Global Health conference on May 3rd, 2008. The day was devoted to addressing challenges and opportunities for training students and healthcare professionals interested in advancing careers in Global Health. We had the pleasure of hearing thought-provoking presentations from a diverse group of speakers including keynote presentations by Dr. Hans Rosling, a professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute and Ms. Maureen O’Neil, President of Canada’s International Development Research Centre.
GHC-2009Global Health Conference 2009
The McGill Global Health Programs is pleased to announce the 3rd annual conference: Building and Maintaining Sustainable Global Health Partnerships. The conference will take place on Friday, May 8th, 2009 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the La Plaza-Holiday Inn Midtown, 420 Sherbrooke West and will include outstanding panelists from medicine, law, agriculture and arts among others as well as outside speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities of working in international partnerships
GHC-20104th Annual Global Health Conference
Fourth Annual McGill Global Health Conference: Innovations in Global Health
GMH-2012 Blobal Mental Health Conference
Global Mental Health: Bridging the Perspectives of Cultural Psychiatry and Public Health
Goodman Cancer CentreGoodman Cancer Centre Events
The Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre Events and Public Forums
GPS-Events Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: an opportunity to live history and make history. McGill is one of the world’s top 25 most research-intensive universities. We recognize that our successes come not only from our outstanding faculty members and staff, but also from the quality of our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars – a community into which we are very happy to welcome you.
HC-2009Health Challenge 2009 Events
McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence (MWP) Think Tank 2009
HC-20102nd International Roadmap Development Workshop
The Brain-to-Society Diagnostic Project: Open Collaboration for a Science of the Hows To Lead, Manage and Govern Complexity for the 21st Century, Aligned with the Limit and Power of Human Biology 2nd International Roadmap Development Workshop In Search of Common Metrics, Methods and Models For Complex Collaboration and Innovation To Ensure Sustainable Healthy Eating Hosted by the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence
Health Challenge-20102nd International Roadmap Development Workshop
The Brain-to-Society Diagnostic Project: Open Collaboration for a Science of the Hows To Lead, Manage and Govern Complexity for the 21st Century, Aligned with the Limit and Power of Human Biology 2nd International Roadmap Development Workshop In Search of Common Metrics, Methods and Models For Complex Collaboration and Innovation To Ensure Sustainable Healthy Eating Hosted by the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence
HISTORYHistory 415B Special Lectures
History 415B Special Lectures
101-582B EUROPEAN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY. This seminar will examine selected topics in modern French history and European intellectual history as it relates to France.
Homecoming-2009Classes Without Quizzes 2009
McGill University Homecoming Classes Without Quizzes 2009
HOMECOMING-2010Classes Without Quizzes
Classes Without Quizzes
HR Events
Dept. of Human Genetics Special events
Ian Bradley: Lunch and Learn on Stress
Lunch and Learn on Stress
ICNFA-2012 3rd International Conference on Nanotechnology
The aim of ICNFA'12 is to bring together the Canadian and international community working in the field of nanotechnology, and to foster an environment conducive to present advances in this field. This conference will also provide a golden opportunity to develop new collaborations and gather world nanotechnology experts on the fundamentals, applications and products. Through the 3rd conference a great opportunity to share knowledge and expertise will be created taking advantage from the synergy of the 1st and 2nd conferences
Organized by Alain Brunet PhD, director of the Research Laboratory on Psychotrauma. Sociologists, philosophers, clinicians, and researchers along with professionals in health systems management, information technology, and networking will come together to reflect on the Internet’s future and its role in mental health care.
IEO-2009International Education Office
IEO Pre-Departure Session
IGSF-EventsIGSF Events
Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies events
IHSP-2009IHSP Educational Equity Conference
An invitational expert meeting of international policy and academic experts, including representatives of the Canadian Government and non-governmental organizations, to present and discuss programs and policies that promote equity in education globally. Participants discussed challenges and policy strategies regarding equity in pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education, focusing on socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, language, geography and disability.
IHSP-2010Institute for Health and Social Policy Conference
On May 1st, 2010, the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) hosted a one-day international policy conference entitled Making Equal Rights Real in Montreal, Canada. It was an opportunity for an international group of leading practice, policy and academic experts, including high-level representatives of government, non-governmental organizations, community and research organizations to present and discuss how people have found creative and effective strategies for ensuring that their national and international legal rights are met.
IHSP-2011Research to Social Policy Conference
Environmental Health and Equity: Global Strategies and Innovation 2011 Research to Policy Conference April 30, 2011 - OMNI Mont-Royal Hotel, Montreal
Disability and Work: Global Strategies for Equity
IHSP-EventsIHSP Special Events and Lectures
IHSP Special Events and Lectures
IMPM Events
ImproveQualityofCareImprove Quality of Care
IONInternship Offices Network Events
Acting as a coordinating point for the University internship offices, the Internship Offices Network aims to promote internships for students by: -Serving as a portal to the appropriate internship office on campus; -Providing tools and resources to help students find an internship; and -Organizing and publicizing events that promote internships in general and particular opportunities.
ION-2010Pre-Departure Orientation Session
Pre-Departure Orientation Session
ISEAD Lectures and Events
McGill University has established the Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (ISEAD), an interdisciplinary endeavour with interest and expertise in a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues, that will harness the full potential of the many excellent, but disparate teaching and research activities related to these domains.
ISID Conference 2014: Whose Truth? What Kind of Reconciliation?
Whose Truth? What Kind of Reconciliation? The Importance of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions for Promoting Democratic Good Governance
McGill Symposium on IslamMcGill Symposium on Islam and Evolution
How is evolution taught and understood in Islamic societies? How do Muslim students, parents, and teachers understand evolutionary science in relation to their religious beliefs? These questions form the basis of the McGill Symposium on Islam and Evolution, where international experts in Islamic and Religious Studies, Science Education, and Biological Evolution will meet to discuss their views on this important topic.
Islamic Studies: Special Events
Islamic Studies Special Event Recordings
IT Services Meetings and Events
ITS: IT ServicesTown Hall Spring 2013
ITS:Town Hall Meeting Spring 2012
ITS: IT Services Town Hall Fall 2012
IT Services Town Hall Fall 2012
IT Town Hall-Fall 2013:
IT Townhall-Spring 2014
IT Townhall-Spring 2014
Journalism Strategies Journalism Strategies Conference 2012
This conference can be seen as part of on-going efforts to re-imagine journalism in Canada.
L2T-Spring 2012Learning To Teach
Learning To Teach
L2T-Fall 2012: Learning 2 Teach
Teaching & Learning Services (TLS) and Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) host Learning to Teach: A Professional Development Workshop for Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellows at McGill
L2T-Fall 2013: Learning to Teach Fall 2013
L2T-Spring 2013 Learning to Teach
Learning to Teach
LAWSpecial Events
Faculty of Law Special Events
Law Journal: Event Recordings
Law Journal Event Recordings
Law-Macdonald Symposium: The Unbounded Level of the Mind
The Unbounded Level of the Mind: Rod Macdonald's Legal Imagination
L2T-Spring 2010 Learning to Teach
Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS), and Teaching & Learning Services (TLS) host Learning to Teach: A Professional Development Workshop for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows at McGill
L2T-Spring 2011 Learn to Teach
Teaching & Learning Services (TLS) and Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) host Learning to Teach: A Professional Development Workshop for Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellows at McGill
Library special event recordings
Library Conference: Meetings with Books: Raymond Klibansky
Meetings with Books: Raymond Klibansky, Special Collections and the Library in the 21st Century
Library Dean's CornerLibrary Dean's Corner
Library Dean's Corner with Colleen Cook.
L2T-Fall 2010 Learning to Teach Workshop
This one-day workshop is designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are presently teaching, or who would like to prepare for their future teaching roles. Through interactive small and large group sessions, participants will develop pedagogical knowledge and skills.
Media@Mcgill: The Participatory Condition
International Colloquium: The Participatory Condition
ManagementSpecial Events
Desautels Faculty of Management Special Events
Management ForumManagement Forum Sessions
Management Forum Sessions
McGill Association of University Teachers Events
MCHRATBlack Demographic Study
Led by Dr. James Torczyner of McGill’s School of Social Work, with a team of researchers from different disciplines, the study will be released at a day-long event open to the public (simultaneous translation will be available). The presentation of core findings and emerging issues will be held between 10:00 am and 11:30 am. Between 1:15 and 3:00.
Medicine Class of 1987 - Frontiers of Medicine
We invite all graduates and students to this informative seminar presented by the Medicine Class of 1987. Come see what medical contributions have been made by the talented graduates of this class.
Med-Dent Retreat 2012: New Curriculum Implementation
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Retreat for New Curriculum Implementation
Medicine Town HallMedicine Town Hall
Media@McGillSpecial Events
Media McGill is a hub of research, scholarship and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology and culture. The members of Media@McGill are the eight communication studies faculty within the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University in Montreal.
Media@McGillThe Independent Newspaper
The Independent Newspaper: Elusive Dream or Beacon of Democracy? This conference asks us to reflect on the independent newspaper in the 21st century: its role, content and public, as well as its editorial structure, financing and management.
Media@McGill: Arab Spring Conference
The Role of Media in the Arab Spring and its Aftermath: The Special Case of Egypt
Media@McGill: Imaging War, Mediating Conflict
Imaging War, Mediating Conflict: Recent Aesthetic Investigations
MEDICINESpecial Events
Faculty of Medicine Special Events
Medicine Admissions: Admissions Committee Pre‐season Meeting
Admissions Committee Pre‐season Meeting & Evaluation Workshop
JUSTICE IN HEALTH; Trade-offs and Conflicting Values
MIEConference-2010Public Symposium
"The Addressing Impediments to Commercializing Canadian Innovations: Financing and International Trade". Topics to be discussed at the symposium will include: How best to stimulate business angel investment? Do we need more venture capital? How might we generate a more effective venture capital sector? What limits the internationalization of Canadian businesses? How might impediments to internationalization be mitigated?
Mini-Epidemiology 2014
Mini-Health Science 2013: Choosing a Career: Decisions, Decisions, Decision
Thinking of a career in the Health Sciences but not certain what options are available? The new McGill Mini-HealthSciences series has been especially planned for University, CEGEP and High School students who are considering careers in health care.
Mini Science 2009Mini Science 2009
To Infinity and Beyond: Space, Stars and the Universe brings you the latest in space exploration by top McGill researchers and alumnus in this unique multi-disciplinary lecture series. The topic of Mini-Science 2009 is particularly appropriate – the United Nations having proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) in commemoration of the first astronomical use of the telescope in 1609.
Mini-Science 2010Pseudoscience: From Quirks to Quacks
Learn about: * ‘psychic surgeons’ and the paranormal * vaccination and autoimmune diseases * hypnosis and memory * the scientific validity of homeopathy * the perceived dangers of cell phones and wireless The Mini-Science 2010 series, presented by professors from the Faculty of Science, starts with ‘Dr. Joe’ from the Office for Science and Society, and proudly concludes with a presentation by our sponsor, Lorne Trottier. This public course takes place over seven consecutive Wednesday evenings, from April 7 to May 19.
Mini-Science Spring 2011Better living through chemistry?
McGill Mini-Science 2011 Better living through chemistry? Wednesday evenings, March 16 - April 27, 2011
Mini Science 2012The science of pain from onset to relief.
Mini-Science 2012 series, presented by leading McGill scientists, starting with 'Dr. Joe' on the chemistry of pain and covering many major aspects of pain science, from molecular and neural pathways to the psychological modulation of pain. This series of lectures by McGill's top pain experts bridges our understanding of how numerous factors such as environment, genetics, gender, age and lifestyle are related to pain.
Mini-Science 2013: Science, Sex, and Gender
The series starts with ‘Dr. Joe’ from the Office of Science and Society on chemistry, love, and gender, and concludes with Barbara Sherwin’s talk about hormones and memory in both genders. No science background is required. There is no homework and no exam.This Mini-Science series is made possible through the generous support of Dr. Lorne Trottier.
MISC-2009MISC Annual Conference
This conference will bring together academics and practitioners to address the influence of public opinion and mass media on the policy-making process, the role of evidence based research, the influence of non-governmental actors, and how policy-making decisions are made in a time of crisis. Ultimately, the objective of this conference will be to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on the processes and players that impact and shape public policy in Canada.
MISC-2010MISC Annual Conference
Welcome to the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada’s 2010 conference, Canadian Water: Towards a New Strategy. / Bienvenue à la conférence 2010 de l’Institut d’études canadiennes de McGill : Le Canada et son eau: Vers une nouvelle stratégie.
MISC-2011MISC Annual Conference
Canada and the United States: Conversations and Relations: This year, the conference focuses on a series of conversations between Canadians and Americans about the fundamental aspects of the Canada - U.S. relationship. We will bring together influential actors to dissect and discuss in a unique format that encourages informal and informed conversations led by dynamic moderators. The goal is for our speakers – players past and present -- to bring alive for us the relation between the two countries, what influences decision-making, and the complexities and challenges of managing and maintaining what is without doubt the world’s most important and enduring bilateral relationship.
MISC-2012MISC Annual Conference
For our 2012 annual conference, we turn our focus to crucial issues associated with crime, policing and justice in Canada. A series of events -- from the introduction of the Federal government’s omnibus crime bill through the rise of new forms of urban political protest – have put policing and justice at the centre of public attention. Scheduled for March 15-16, 2012, this conference will bring together academics and practitioners to address a variety of questions concerning crime and justice in Canada. Leading figures from different fields will tackle a range of questions.
MISC-2013: MISC Annual Conference
How does Canada foster and grow its celebrities and success? Is Canada efficient enough at spotting talent and supporting it through incubation and lift-off? The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC) will examine what it means to have a career in Canada in three sectors: culture/entertainment, high-tech and sports/athletics at its annual conference, “Lifting Off and Flying High: Talent and Success in Canada”.
MISC-2014: MISC Annual Conference
Petrocultures 2014: Oil, Energy, and Canada’s Future / Petrocultures 2014 : Le pétrole, l'énergie et l'avenir du Canada
MISC: 20th Anniversary Symposium
MISC-20th Anniversary Symposium
MISC: Does Bilingualism Have a Future in Canada?
The MISC is pleased to host this public event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. It will be open to the public and media and simultaneous interpretation will be provided. This event is being held in partnership with the University of Ottawa and the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.
MISC-EventsMcGill Institute for the Study of Canada
McGill Institute for the Study of Canada-Special events and lectures
Montreal Neurological Institue special events
In celebration of an illustrious history: 1972-2009
MSE-2011McGill School of Environment Research Symposium
The McGill School of Environment is hosting our 4th Environmental Research Symposium on April 13th and 14th. The theme is Global Environmental Change, and this annual symposium is motivated by the need to bring together ideas and research findings from different disciplines to develop new approaches to environmental research.
MSE-2013: MSE Research Symposium
Canada's Environmental Future: A Horizon Scan of Environmental Issues for the Coming Decades
MSE-2014: Annual Symposium
The Future of Biodiversity in the Anthropocence The sixth McGill Symposium on Environmental Research will take place on Monday April 14, 2014. This year’s theme is The Future of Biodiversity in the Anthropocene and is organized jointly by the McGill School of Environment and the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science.
MSE-2013: MUSE Symposium
Montreal Urban Sustainability Experience (MUSE) Symposium
MSE-EventsMcGill School of Environment Special Events
McGill School of Environment Special Events
MSRL will consist of a series of invited talks and an evening poster session. Participation in the poster session will be based on extended abstracts, and the abstracts and posters will be published in an electronic proceedings. MSRL will be co-located with a cluster of other meetings, including the International Conference on Machine Learning, the Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, and the Conference on Learning Theory.
Nursing-632: Class Presentations
Class Presentations
Nursing 632-2014: Class Presentations
Class Presentations
Nursing: Events
Nursing Ex-2012: Nursing Explorations Conference
Nursing Explorations Conference-ENGLISH
NursingEx-2012: Exploration en sciences infirmières 2012
Exploration en sciences infirmières 2012-Traduction Francaise
Nursing Ex-2013: Nursing Explorations Conference English
Strengths-Based Nursing: Practice, Education and Leadership
NursingEx-2013F: Exploration en sciences infirmières
Les soins infirmiers fondés sur les forces : dans la pratique, en éducation et dans un contexte de leadership
OCER-EVENTS: Office of Communications and External Relations
Office of Communications and External Relations Event Recordings
ODX-2013: Open Data Exchange Mini Conference
A mini-conference to discuss the successes and challenges of extracting value from Open Data for civic engagement, international aid transparency, scientific research, and more///Une mini-conférence pour discuter des réussites – et des défis – de la mise en valeur des données ouvertes en matière d’engagement citoyen, de transparence dans l’utilisation des fonds publics, de recherche scientifique, et plus encore!
Palliative CareSpecial Events
Palliative Care Special Event Recordings
Palliative Care McGillCME Day
This year’s CME Day will offer a variety of advanced topics in Palliative Care which draw from the expertise of presenters working in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, nursing, radiology, neurology, dentistry, oncology and family medicine. The event is destined to health care professionals who may already be familiar with Palliative Care and also to those who are encountering patients and families at the end of life outside of a Palliative Care context.
Palliative Care McGill: Palliative Care videos
Palliative Care: Training Videos
Palliative Care Training Videos and Vignettes.
PGSS Summit-2012: PGSS McGill Education Summit
Educational Strategies for McGill: A Summit on the Roles of Higher Education in Quebec
Physics2010The Anna I. McPherson Lectures in Physics 2010
The Public Lecture: The future of Physics
Provost Special Events
Provost Town Hall: Government Funding Cuts
Town Hall meetings on Government Funding Cuts and Their Impact on McGill’s Financial Situation
Psychiatry-Events Department of Psychiatry Event Recordings
Department of Psychiatry Event Recordings
Public Affairs Event Recordings
Cool recordings of Canal Savoir, Podcast, and I-tunes U material
RAN-EventsRAN Forum Recordings
Research Administration Network Recordings
Religious Studies
Relstud-2013: Bridging Secular Divide
This conference will explore the role of religion in Canada’s public discourse, in terms of both thought and action. To many observers it appears that our national discourse is increasingly polarized and the civility of democratic deliberation.
RelStud: Religion and Foreign Policy Conference
Religion and Foreign Policy: The Challenges of Religious Pluralism
RETHINK-20098th Annual Rethink Conference
October 22, 2009. The Sub-Committee on Environment will hold its eighth annual Rethink conference, which traditionally aims to provide the community with information on environmental initiatives on campus by students and the administration, as well as an opportunity to provide suggestions on priority environmental projects to be addressed. Focus this year will be on education and sustainability.
RGCS: Lecture Series Recordings
Research Group on Constitutional Studies event recordings
RRSPQ-2011Internet et santé mentale
L’axe Internet et santé du réseau de recherche en santé des populations du Québec (RRSPQ), partenaire du portail Internet et santé, propose cette année une série de séminaires portant sur les usages d’Internet par la population et les professionnels de santé.
School of Urban Planning Special Events
School of Urban Planning Special Events
SCIENCESpecial Events
Faculty of Science Special Events
SCSD-2010Special Events and Lectures
The School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, within McGill’s renowned Faculty of Medicine, was among the first university departments in Canada to offer graduate training in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The School offers outstanding professional training in Speech-Language Pathology through its M.Sc. Applied degree, as well as state-of-the-art research training via its M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.
SCSD-2012: Transition Conference
Conference on the Transition from School to the Community for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
SCSD-Events: School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
SCSD: International Conference on Multilingualism
SecretariatSpecial Events
Secretariat special event recordings
Security Services EventsSecurity Services Events
Security Services Events
SEDEBlack Histories, Black Futures
Montreal’s Black communities include a range of cultures, ethnicities, languages, geographies and histories, and members of these communities have been present in Montreal throughout its development as an urban centre. The “Black Histories, Black Futures” conference to be held during Black History Month 2011, will highlight the diversity and complex realities of Montreal’s Black communities by convening community representatives, researchers, workers, and students from across the community and university sectors to share and build knowledge.
Senate Archive: Recording of Senate Meeting
Soup and ScienceSoup and Science September 2009
Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments.
Soup and ScienceSoup and Science January 2010
Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments. More info:
Soup and Science-January 2012
Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments. More info:
Soup and Science January 2013
Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments. More info:
Soup and ScienceSoup and Science September 2010
Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments. More info:
Soup and Science September 2012
Soup and Science is held for one week at the start of each fall and winter term. Each day at lunch, undergraduate science students are invited to see and hear some of our coolest professors give short presentations about their research. Then as you mingle over lunch, you will be able to find out more about their research and how you can participate. Come and discover some of the opportunities that exist both within and outside your own departments. More info:
SustainabilityOffice of Sustainability Events
The Office of Sustainability supports McGill's mission to be a leader in on-campus sustainability initiatives and research.
TTF2009Teaching and Technology Fair
McGill faculty are cordially invited to attend the 6th annual Teaching and Technology Fair. It’s always an exciting opportunity to share and discover exemplary uses of technology to enhance teaching and learning. We look forward to seeing you!” Sylvia Franke, Chief Information Officer Morton J. Mendelson, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Centrally-supported technologies such as Camtasia, Respondus, Smart Notebook, SnagIt, Clickers, Turnitin, and myCourses will be hightlighted.
TTF2010Teaching and Technology Fair
This year’s Teaching and Technology Fair offers an exciting new format! The fair will stimulate discussion through Panel Presentations in three main topic areas: Social Networking, Active Learning Classrooms, Lecture Recordings in addition to a sampling from McGill’s Teaching and Learning toolbox. Come and explore some of the hottest topics in educational technology with members of the McGill community. Professor David Harpp, Macdonald Professor of Chemistry, will moderate this event.
TransDisciplinary R and TTransDisciplinary Research and Training
In the complex world of the 21st century, Transdisciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity are increasingly promoted as means to approach problems and issues.
TISED: Toward a 100%-clean-energy Quebec
Toward a 100%-clean-energy Quebec
TISED-2014: Annual Symposium
TISED-2014: Symposium Annuelle Traduction Francais
Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design
TISED: Mini-Symposium
Can renewables become the dominant source of electricity in Canada and the USA?
TLS-EventsTeaching and Learning Services
Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) recorded events
Town-HallsPrincipal's Town Hall
Principal's Town Hall
TRHPP- Training & Retention of Health Professionals Project
IMPACT---Rencontre des partenaires du Programme de maintien en poste et de soutien professionnel et communautaire à distance. Les 20 et 21 Mars 2012
TRHP-2013: TRHPP Conference
Health Care Access for Linguistic Minorities: Breaking the barriers /// Accès aux soins de santé pour les minorités linguistiques : Éliminer les obstacles
TRHP Project -2012 Poster Session
The Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project hosted a poster session entitled " Access to Health Care: The Impact of Language Barriers" to disseminate research project results. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Montreal on May 9th,2012. /// Projet de formation et de maintien en poste des professionnels de la santé a été l'hôte d'une Présentation par affiches intitulée « L’accès aux soins de santé : l'impact des barrières linguistiques » visant à diffuser les résultats des projets de recherche. L’événement a eu lieu le 9 mai 2012 à l'hôtel Hyatt Regency Montréal.
TTF-2011Teaching with Technology Fair
The objective of this event is to provide faculty members with an opportunity to share and learn from one another’s experiences of teaching with technology. If you teach at McGill, you are invited to be a part of this event that will focus on technology-supported strategies that engage students.
School of Urban Planning:Event Recordings
School of Urban Planning event Recordings
VP-Research: Event Recordings
WISEMS-2012 Symposium
As part of McGill Homecoming 2012, this first Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine Symposium (WISEMS) marks the centenary of the university’s first geneticist, Carrie Derick, being appointed as Canada's first female professor.