McGill Homecoming Weekend 2012


Beatty Memorial Lecture and Classes Without Quizzes (CWOQ'S)2012

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13/10/2012 10:00The 2012 Beatty Memorial LectureDr. Kerry CourneyaPhysical Activity in Cancer Survivors: A Field in Motion
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13/10/2012 13:00CWOQ 2012: Longevity and Alzheimer's Disease ResearchProfessor Judes PoirierAlzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, accounting for 64% of all dementias. It is estimated that 250,000 Canadians over age 65 have Alzheimer's, a fatal progressive and degenerative disease, but research breakthroughs are imminent. Dr. Judes Poirier's speaks about new developments in research for this disease of aging. Judes Poirier, is a professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, Associate Director of the Centre for Studies in the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease and Director of the Molecular Neurobiology Unit at the Douglas Institute Research Centre.
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13/10/2012 14:45CWOQ 2012: Memory and Memories: A Tribute to HMDr. Brenda MilnerTake a look back at Dr. Milner's work with the famous memory disorder patient, "HM," who underwent neurosurgery in the 1950s to cure epileptic seizures. His resulting memory deficit was widely studied and Dr. Milner's findings from that time revolutionized our understanding of how the brain remembers. Brenda Milner, recognized as the founder of cognitive neuroscience, is the Dorothy J. Killam Professor at the Montreal Neurological Institute and professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill.
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13/10/2012 14:45CWOQ 2012: Life is a Risky BusinessProfessor Ariel FensterWe are constantly bombarded with information about the risks we face in life. As a result we worry about the safety of our food supply, toxins in the environment and the dangers of climate change. Life is indeed a risky business, but it's important to know what is worth worrying about. This lecture sorts out the facts from the myths to show that the real dangers are not always what we think they are. Guest lecturer Ariel Fenster, PhD'72, is a Research Associate and Assistant Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society.
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13/10/2012 16:30CWOQ 2012: Special Panel Discussion "Easing the Pain"VariousA bioethicist, a researcher, and a nurse share their points of view on "Easing the Pain." Margo Somerville, DCL'78, is the founding director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Law and holds the Samuel Gale Chair in the Faculty of Law. Mark Ware is an associate professor in Family Medicine and Anesthesia at McGill who practises pain medicine at the Montreal General Hospital and the Montreal Neurological Institute. He is Director of Clinical Research of the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit at the McGill University Health Centre. Christina Rosmus, MSc(Nursing)'95, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Montreal Children's Hospital and an Assistant Professor at the McGill University School of Nursing.
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