HOMECOMING-2010 Classes Without Quizzes


Classes Without Quizzes

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02/10/2010 12:30To Worry or Not to Worry: That is the QuestionDr. Joe SchwarczVirtually every day brings reports of new dangers we're exposed to in our environment. Whether it's pesticide residues on our food, environmental estrogens leaching out of plastics, genetically modified crops, the safety of Teflon cookware or biomonitoring studies that find remnants of industrial chemicals in our blood, modern life seems downright hazardous.
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02/10/2010 12:30Promises, Promises...Bartha Maria KnoppersPromises, Promises...Human Genetics and You
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02/10/2010 14:15Taming the MindLara BraitsteinTaming the Mind: Buddhism and Meditation
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02/10/2010 14:15Beyond the Clash of Civilization Payam AkhavanAudio only, no slides or video
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02/10/2010 16:00Old Bugs, Emerging Bugs and SuperbugsDrs. Brian Ward, Amee Manges, Momar Ndao and Richard LevinOld Bugs, Emerging Bugs and Superbugs
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