CDAS-ISID Institute for the Study of Intl. Development


The Canada School of Public Service and the Institute for the Study of International Development presents Citizen Centered Development: Innovations in Governance and Democratic Development

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16/10/2009 15:00CCD-IntroductionDr. Philip Oxhorn, Dr. Ruth Dantzer Citizen Centered Development: Innovations in Governance and Democratic Development- Welcoming Remarks
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16/10/2009 15:15CCD1-Canada's Assets in a "Post-American" WorldRt. Hon. Joe ClarkCanada's Assets in a "Post-American" World
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16/10/2009 15:40CCD2-Organization as EmpowermentDr. Philip OxhornOrganization as Empowerment: The Role of the Poor in Making Democracy Work
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16/10/2009 16:05CCD3-Making the Law Work for EveryoneDr. Naresh SinghMaking the Law Work for Everyone
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16/10/2009 16:25CCD4-Question and Answer PeriodModerator: Dr. Ruth DantzerQuestion and Answer Period and Closing Remarks
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